This is the book you should read before you visit the Red Light District!

Magic and other mushrooms Amsterdam

Date: 3. jul 2018.
Coffee shops are establishments in the Netherlands where the sale of cannabis for personal consumption by the public is tolerated by the local authorities. The coffee shops weren’t legalized for over the counter sales until the 1980s. Though tolerated, marijuana is actually officially illegal in Amsterdam. So as long as you respect the rules, and purchase and smoke marijuana and hash only in the Coffee Shops during your Amsterdam tour. 

Amsterdam Brothels

Date: 3. jul 2018.
Prostitution was in a way always tolerated in Amsterdam, since the city was formed in the 12th century. Because it was a harbor visited by many soldiers and traders the oldest trade had also nested in the city. Back in a day, the sailors were the most common customers. Tolerance of the profession has tended to go up and down with the prevailing morals of the time. From the 17th century ...

Begijnhof (Beguine Court)

Date: 3. jul 2018.
The Begijnhof courtyard is a place that should not be bypassed during tour Amsterdam tour. It is a tranquil 14th-century garden courtyard hidden behind a busy shopping thoroughfare and is just a block away from the bustling Spui Square. It is one of the oldest inner courts in the city of Amsterdam. The original dwellings haven’t survived, but the Begijnhof which is cut off from Amsterdam’s traffic noise, still retains a sanctified atmosphere. It includes a several interesting religious buildings.

Dutch Brothel ban 1911

Date: 3. jul 2018.
Many tourists opt to go to Amsterdam tour because of legalized prostitution and tolerance policy on soft drugs which are a kind of a tradition in this centuries old harbor city. The Dutch society had an ambivalent relationship towards the exploitation of prostitution in the past century. There were periods of tolerance and the periods of strict legal prohibition and crack down. Prostitution itself was never actually prohibited in the Netherlands. When the Netherlands was under French rule in the nineteenth century, the government had legalized the brothels in order to prevent the spreading of venereal diseases among soldiers.