This is the book you should read before you visit the Red Light District!

De Bijenkorf Amsterdam

Date: 13. jul 2018.
<div style=\"text-align: justify;\">Thousands of tourists are visiting Amsterdam every year for many reasons. It is the city with the long history dating back to the 13th century and there are many interesting historical sites that you could visit during your Amsterdam tour. This free-thinki...</div>

Waag Amsterdam

Date: 13. jul 2018.
<div style=\"text-align: justify;\">The Waag is the oldest remaining non-religious building in Amsterdam and is holding the rijksmonument (the national heritage site of the Netherlands) status since 1970. The Waag (\"weigh house\") is a 15th-century building on Nieuwmarkt square in Amsterdam. It was originally a city gate and part of the walls of Amsterdam. The building has also served as a guildhall, museum, fire station and anatomical theater, among other things...</div>

Non–enforcement of drug policy in Amsterdam and the Netherlands

Date: 13. jul 2018.
<div style=\"text-align: justify;\">Netherlands is well known for their “look the other way” policy on soft drugs as well as the legalized prostitution. A large number of tourists are coming to Amsterdam every year to visit the famous Red Light District and freely purchase weed and smoke a joint in one of its coffee shops.&nbsp;</div>

Amsterdam the cycling city

Date: 13. jul 2018.
<div style=\"text-align: justify;\">Amsterdam is the city well-known for many things; its long history and many historical landmarks, the vibrant Red Light District and tolerant policy on soft drugs along with many establishments known as the Coffee Shops where you can legally purchase weed and hash.&nbsp;</div>