This is the book you should read before you visit the Red Light District!

The Amsterdam Dungeon

Date: 7. jul 2018.
<div style=\"text-align: justify;\">The Amsterdam Dungeon is a very popular tourist attraction that is located in the old heart of the city. It was built in 2006 inside of the historical church that is still owned by the Dutch Reformed Church and leased by Merlin Entertainments...</div>

The Canals of Amsterdam

Date: 7. jul 2018.
<div style=\"text-align: justify;\">Beautiful canals of Amsterdam are the main reason that some people refer to it as the “Venice of the North”. The canals are also the great way to travel around the city during your Amsterdam tour and enjoy the scenery of this free-thinking European metropolis...</div>

What is legal in Amsterdam

Date: 7. jul 2018.
The Netherlands has a special policy for the soft drugs although they are illegal. The prostitution is legal within the certain rules. With their history of practicality and compromise, the Dutch have created a whole new world for tourists craving tolerance and brush with the forbidden...

Things to avoid in Amsterdam

Date: 7. jul 2018.
The large number of tourists visits the Amsterdam every year for many reasons. There are many historical sites you can visit during your Amsterdam tour, large number of beautiful canals which are the reason the Amsterdam is called “The Venice of the North”, many significant museums but what attracts tourists the most (especially younger crowd) is the tolerance policy on soft drugs and legalized prostitution.&nbsp;