This is the book you should read before you visit the Red Light District!

Flying Dutchman

Date: 23. septembar 2018.
<div style=\"text-align: justify;\">There are ghost ships in other parts of the world that are often called \"The Flying Dutchman\", but the one that still tries to round the Cape of Good Hope, at the southern tip of Africa, is the original. She was an Amsterdam’s vessel. The myth is likely to have...</div>

Stadsarchief – The Municipal Archives of Amsterdam

Date: 23. septembar 2018.
<div style=\"text-align: justify;\">The city archives are preserving the memory of the city. It is a treasure full of documents and images of all those activities that make the past of Amsterdam so interesting. Each year, the Archive receives thousands of curious visitors...</div>


Date: 23. septembar 2018.
<div style=\"text-align: justify;\">The Werkspoormuseum is located on one of the three Eastern Islands called Oostenburg in Amsterdam within a 10-minute walk of Oosterkerk and National Maritime Museum. The island Oostenburg was built in the 17th century by the Dutch East India Company, to settle at shipyards and warehouses. The museum is housed in one of the former \"Lijnbaan\" buildings of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) dating from 1660.</div>

Ziggo Dome

Date: 23. septembar 2018.
<div style=\"text-align: justify;\">The Ziggo Dome is a very popular concert venue that hosted some of the biggest names in the music world and a korfball hall (Type of Dutch sport originally introduces by Amsterdam teacher Nico Broekhuysen in 1902) in southeast Amsterdam, right next to the Amsterdam Arena and Villa Arena Mall.</div>