This is the book you should read before you visit the Red Light District!

New marijuana laws in Amsterdam

Date: 13. jul 2018.
<div style=\"text-align: justify;\">The authorities in the Netherlands chose to openly ignore that the use of cannabis is illegal, and they do not prosecute anyone owning the amount for personal use. Their aim is to target the distributors, not the end users. This Dutch model is called “gedoogbeleid” and it is the reason for the opening of hundreds of coffee shops across the Netherlands. These establishments are luring marijuana connoisseurs from...</div>

Amsterdam insignia

Date: 13. jul 2018.
<div style=\"text-align: justify;\">The city of Amsterdam was formed during the 12<sup>th</sup>&nbsp;century and it has a rich history and many historical landmarks that you could visit during your Amsterdam tour. Being such an old city, it remained unknown why were the three X shaped crosses, the Saint Andrew crosses (saltires) chosen in the middle aged as the symbol of the city of Amsterdam....</div>

Hard drugs Amsterdam

Date: 13. jul 2018.
<div style=\"text-align: justify;\">The following pages are for the purposes of education and information only. This should not be considered in any way to condone the use of cannabis, marijuana or other mind-altering substances Amsterdam and the Netherlands are well known for its tolerant soft drugs policy. Tourists a...</div>

Westerkerk Amsterdam

Date: 13. jul 2018.
<div style=\"text-align: justify;\">Amsterdam is the city well known for its tolerance of prostitution and later legal prostitution and the major tourist attraction the Red Light District in the heart of the city. This part of the city also has other reality because it is the oldest part of the city with many significant historical landmarks that you could visit during your Amsterdam tour. In the vicinity of the city center, near the Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam there is a Wes...</div>