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Amsterdam Brothels - The Red Light District Amsterdam Guide - discover the secrets!
This is the book you should read before you visit the Red Light District!

Amsterdam Brothels

Date: 3. jul 2018.

Prostitution was in a way always tolerated in Amsterdam, since the city was formed in the 12th century. Because it was a harbor visited by many soldiers and traders the oldest trade had also nested in the city. Back in a day, the sailors were the most common customers. Tolerance of the profession has tended to go up and down with the prevailing morals of the time. From the 17th century Calvinists to the armies of Napoleon, there were always people who thought that it was acceptable and there were people who despised it. Throughout the history there have been attempts to regulate prostitution in Amsterdam. During the Napoleon wars, the prostitutes had to have regular checks to avoid spreading venereal diseases among soldiers.

The De Wallen Red Light District in Amsterdam is the oldest part of the city that was developing through ages and the oldest trade was always present. At the beginning of the 20th century, the attitudes towards the prostitution, especially brothel owners who exploited the prostitutes were very strict and the brothels were banned in 1911. The sexual revolution of the 1970s brought change. The Rode Draad (RED Thread) was the union of prostitutes that was formed in 1985. Finally in 2000 the prostitution was legalized in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. The main goal of legalization is the regulate prostitution and prevent human trafficking and prostitution of minors. The ban on brothels had ended. The sex workers were able to legally work and pay taxes and this created a relatively secure working environment for the luxury brothels in Amsterdam.

Prostitution in Amsterdam is accepted and it became quite important to the city’s tourist trade. The brothels, however, still cause problems for authorities. One aspect is that brothel’s claim that their girls are independent entrepreneurs rather than employees but, on the other hand, there are suspicions that some of the brothels are used for money laundering by organized crime. And there are still cases that some woman, even underage girls, have apparently been forced or manipulated into the sex trade.

For those who don’t feel like walking around the Red Light District and visit some of the window girls, many luxury brothels in Amsterdam offer a way to enjoy the company of beautiful girls in far more comfort and security. There is a number of private clubs in the regular neighborhoods that don’t look like the brothel on the outside. Prices tend to be higher and due to the policy of girls remaining independent entrepreneurs while working in the club, extra charges from the girls themselves as well as the overpriced drinks, room rental and entry fee can add up. If you are planning to visit a brothel in Amsterdam you should know in advance what you are getting yourself into. You will need some “deep” pockets for the brothel experience.

Amsterdam most famous brothel Yab Yum was closed in 2008 because of the alleged ties with the organized crime and it was turned to a museum that you can also visit during your Amsterdam tour. There are still plenty of luxury brothels in Amsterdam such as “Asmara” located on Willem de Zwijgerlaan #70, close to the Erasmus Park that is working as a high class massage salon that offers more than a massage of course. It is notable for not haning an entrance fee, no drink charges and no extra charges from the girls. Then, there is Club LV that is “hip, hot and happening” with themed rooms and parties.

There are of course many other brothels in Amsterdam that deserve to be mentioned, such as Love Club 21 made up entirely of Thai girls, the ultra-luxurious Overtoom 294 and Club Elegance both well-known luxury brothels in Amsterdam and many others.