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Amsterdam live Sex Shows - The Red Light District Amsterdam Guide - discover the secrets!
This is the book you should read before you visit the Red Light District!

Amsterdam live Sex Shows

Date: 7. jul 2018.

The Red Light district is one of the major attractions you can visit during your Amsterdam tour. It is the oldest and very picturesque part of the city if you are interesting only in sightseeing but there is another side of this part of town that makes it one of the world’s most visited attractions for sex tourism. The prostitution in legal and you won’t be able to see the prostitutes on the streets, but there’s a variety of ways to get your kicks in the Red Light District. Many of the prostitutes are working in the windows, where you can pick a girl and negotiate the price with her and the curtain will close behind you for another type of “sightseeing”. Then there are brothels, sex clubs, escort, private home prostitution that you can book on-line, just make sure to always look for the license number on the website to make sure that you are engaging into the legal activity.

Another type of sexual amusement is live sex shows that are being held in Amsterdam on several locations. It is a type of theater where the visitors can pay for entrance and then watch some hot action on the stage. The shows present actual couples having sex on the stage that is involving many kinds of sex toys, ribbons, bananas and so on. The major attractions of Amsterdam like the Red Light district, Coffee Shops and live sex shows are legends that are absolutely true and they are still happening, at least for now. The city of Amsterdam began cracking down on many sex related business and closing down the windows were prostitutes work in 2007, as the part of a ten year plan to clean up this area, so no one can say for sure how long will these “tourist attractions” carry on.

During your Red Light District tour, you should know that there is a big difference between the live sex show and sex clubs. Live sex shows are based around a bit of audience participation, but for the most part you are just a spectator of the show and don’t get any action yourself. Sex clubs are places where you can enter a bar and choose a girl to spend a private hour with, but have in mind that this kind of fun will cost you more than brothels or visiting one of the nearby window girls.

There are three of these live sex theatres in the Red Light District (Bananenbar, Casa Rosso and Moulin Rouge) and each one of them is quite different so it will be easy to decide which one to visit for most people. You will have an opportunity to experience the show which is not the same as strip clubs elsewhere. This type of show serves more like the “appetizer” to get you aroused so that later you could really “get your hands dirty” with one of the window girls or other sex service depending on your preference. The live shows are featuring scenes that you probably thought you will never see in public, the scenes of explicit sex of live couples that leave a lot of people pretty excited, but there are of course others that describe this experience as interesting or hilarious rather than arousing. The one thing is sure if you are interested in the subject be sure not to miss at least one of these shows for some new viewing experience. You will usually get discount if you come in a larger group (six people or more) at any time or if you go alone you could probably save some money if you go earlier at an off-peak hour but then prepare for the possibility that the place may be still empty and not as fun like during the peak hour.