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Behind the scenes Red Light District - The Red Light District Amsterdam Guide - discover the secrets!
This is the book you should read before you visit the Red Light District!

Behind the scenes Red Light District

Date: 7. jul 2018.

Red Light District in Amsterdam is its most famous tourist attraction. It is the oldest part of the city dating from the 12th century filled with all kinds of content (besides sex tourism sites) that you can enjoy during your Amsterdam tour. Amsterdam is the city full of paradoxes that might even shock you a few times. It is not unusual to walk by the oldest church in the city and find the windows with prostitutes’ right next to the church as well as the coffee shop. There is also sexual art in the cobblestone path circling the old church. A lot of features that are usually separated in other cities are mixed together in Amsterdam and they create a unique atmosphere of this free-thinking city.

De Wallen or Rossebuurt (Pink Zone) is the most famous Red Light District in Amsterdam but also one of the city’s oldest and prettiest neighborhoods. If you stroll down the Red Light District during the day you may be shocked how quiet it is and you could never guess that this place turns into the sex Mecca of Europe in the night time. What is also a big paradox is that the winding cobbled streets of this world sex tourism scene’s throbbing heart are considered the safest place in the city. The tree shaded canals weave among gabled cottages tilted at endearingly peculiar angles. This historical zone where many doctors, lawyers and wealthy families have a place of residence and this area is said to be one of the safest places to live in Amsterdam. The place looks completely different during the day. The architecture is grand and the trees that sway over the canals are bringing an air of serenity. During the day many windows are empty and the ones that are not are very strangely occupied with a bit older woman, slightly overweight who are mostly sitting in the windows in their lingerie, talking on their cell phones. So it’s not a very sexy place during the day.

There is a strong security presence. Besides the police squads that are patrolling the area there are constantly present on-duty bodyguards hired by the sex workers. The place looks completely different during the night when it gets its true red light colors. You can hear the story that the name for the Red Light District dates back to the railroading days, somewhere at the beginning of the 20th century. Railroad crews have used red lanterns for signaling and lighting and many of the crew members have carried one with them as they were leaving the train yard. When they were visiting the working girls they would leave the lantern on the porch of the prostitutes’ house, probably as a way of signaling that she was busy.

At night, the woman from all over the world pose in one of the 300 windows in the area, lurking the customers and the streets are filled with tourists and visitors. The districts alleyway maze also hosts erotic museum, the cannabis museum, sex theaters, peep shows, sex shops, coffee shops… This humming hub of the city offers many ways to indulge in vices.