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How do Coffee Shops get their weed - The Red Light District Amsterdam Guide - discover the secrets!
This is the book you should read before you visit the Red Light District!

How do Coffee Shops get their weed

Date: 3. jul 2017.

Amsterdam is the city full of paradoxes and contrasts. It is not unusual to spot the oldest church in the city dating from the 12th century that is surrounded by a Coffee Shop on one side and windows with prostitutes on the other side, because the church is located in the heart of the Red Light District. There is also many hidden churches in the houses that don’t give away this fact, judging on their outside appearance. These hidden churches are dating from the times of the Protestant Reformation, when it was not allowed to practice Catholicism in public, so Catholics had to build hidden churches in “regular houses” that did not have the appearance of a church, that way the authorities of that time choose to apply the “look the other way” policy.

The same thing goes for the Smart shops. They were selling the magic mushrooms until they were banned in 2008 after the deadly incident with a tourist girl who jumped off a bridge in Amsterdam after taking the magic mushrooms. The magic mushrooms were not for sale anymore, but the Smart Shops had waved the Dutch magic wand that makes loopholes appear out of the thin air, so they started selling other types of hallucinogenic mushrooms and substances. You cannot buy fresh or dried magic mushrooms in the Smart Shops, but you can purchase in store or on-line the Magic Mushrooms growing kit and the same goes for peyote cactus.

Recently, the discussion came up in the Dutch Parliament to legalize the controlled cultivation of cannabis for Coffee Shops. There was a small majority that voted “yes” on the proposition, but, unfortunately, the government has decided against that idea. Looks like that the pressure from other countries was too strong. So, the paradox continues…