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Ladyboys in Amsterdam - The Red Light District Amsterdam Guide - discover the secrets!
This is the book you should read before you visit the Red Light District!

Ladyboys in Amsterdam

Date: 7. jul 2018.

As you know the prostitution is legalized in the Netherlands in 2000 and the city of Amsterdam is among other things well known as the Sex Mecca for tourists. If it happens that you need “a little something extra” and have an interest in lady-boys, she-males or transvestite escorts, Amsterdam can satisfy your curiosity.

You might be nervous for wanting to explore this particular kink, but you can relax and take your time in Amsterdam because you can take as much time as you need and the things could be easier than window-shopping and you can choose the way that will most appeal to your sensibility.

The terms “lady-boy” and “she-male” can be used interchangeably but you should know that there are preferences regarding the name. The ones from South America are preferred to be called she-males or t-girls, while the ones from South Asia call themselves lady-boys. Anyhow, they all pretty much have very feminine features and plastic boobs and, of course, a fair amount of plastic surgery. But if you look more carefully you will notice that they have very fit masculine physiques. Lady-boys and transvestites still have a penis and they are known as the “pre-operative” trans-girls. The truth is that many of them really don’t have the desire to take this final transformative step and remove their penis because it seems to be an important part of their client needs.

The ones that did go through with this last transformative step have artificially constructed vaginas and few of them actually work in the Red Light District as girls, which is their legal right. Only the small percentage of their clients ever guesses their secret.

Transsexuals and the lady-boys live as females in every aspect of their life, meaning that their culture is more accepting of the man living entirely as ladies than a normal gay lifestyle.

A transvestites or crossdressers are guys dressing up as a woman but living their everyday life as a man. They can be straight or gay or into other crossdressers. In Amsterdam you can find them in sex clubs, night clubs and specialized bars rather than in the Red Light District where there’s only a few of them where you can see them in the window in the same area as the lady-boys and she-males.

Some transvestites, lady-boys and she-males are extremely convincing, especially to the first timers. The convention is that they should have a blue, rather than regular red, light in their windows and this is accepted as sufficient disclosure. It is not that they particularly want to cheat anyone but the feeling is that, if an innocent tourist wanders in, pays his money and then discovers a penis where he did not expect one, that is his blunder, the sex worker gets to keep the cash.

Incidentally, the red lights are an informal convention, not a legal requirement; it is not unknown for trannies and she-males to work without them, particularly if they are given a room that does not usually cater to lady-boys. The ones that do work with a blue light know that there are more clients interested in them than the “genetic females”.

If you are uncomfortable with the direction in which things are going, just tell them. As long as you are paying for their time, you get to decide the speed at which things move and the vast majority will be very happy to provide their service to you in any way which makes you satisfied.

Amsterdam is a paradise for transsexual fans. There are about 30-40 she-male escorts in Amsterdam who only advertise online and work from private apartments. Then there is also another 10-20 transsexuals who work in brothels, most of these t-girls also have online Ads and serve clients in their private apartments or at clients place after working hours. Then there are 30-40 transsexuals who work at the De Wallen and Singel Red-light districts. Most expensive t-girls are usually the ones who work at brothels, they will charge something like 150-300 euro per hour, and private apartment t-girls charge 80-150 euro per half hour or 150-250 per hour. At the Red Light District, the price is 30-50 euro per 20 minutes.