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Positive effects of legalized prostitution - The Red Light District Amsterdam Guide - discover the secrets!
This is the book you should read before you visit the Red Light District!

Positive effects of legalized prostitution

Date: 3. jul 2017.

Amsterdam is among other things well-known for sex tourism. The ban on brothels was lifted because it proved ineffective and the prostitution was legalized in 2000 accompanied with a new set of laws aimed at better protection of sex workers and against the exploiters of prostitutes, human trafficking, forced prostitution and underage prostitution. When you visit the Red Light District in Amsterdam, there are many ways to legally get the “sex service” and satisfy your horny appetite. You can visit a nearby window girl or visit one of many brothels and sex clubs. The prostitution is regulated and it’s safe for sex workers as well as the visitors.

The time will show if these new regulations will prove effective because many of the previous laws could not effectively regulate the area of the sex industry. There is hope because the new law is showing some major positive effects. The prostitution sector became more transparent because of the increased regulations. Civil servants (mostly the police) are visiting brothels more regularly for check-ups and have better access to the relevant information. This way the criminal activity and abuse can be detected earlier and prevented more easily. The lifting of the Brothel ban from 1911 has enabled prostitutes to report when their rights have been violated. In the past, there was a fear that if they report such a thing they might be prosecuted for related crimes. Now, they are allowed to refuse sex if for any reason they don’t want to engage in sex acts. They can report when they have been raped or assaulted by clients. The prostitutes are enabled to get the restitution through the court when the client refuses to pay for the service. Prostitutes can even seek out small business loans for opening brothels.

Some very significant associations have emerged in the industry. The Association of Sex Club Owners and Foundation of the Red Thread (trade union for prostitutes) are among the other interest groups that are members of the National Prostitution Discussion Group (LPO). The LPO is a platform for discussing different opinions, interests and its goal is to create collective statements about prostitution policy.

This increased professionalism in the sex industry is having the effect that prostitution is recognized as any other kind of work, and the culture of illegality surrounding the Dutch sex industry has begun to erode.

The key element is a brothel owner. The threat to brothel owners of heavy financial loss from losing the license or being shut down is a large financial incentive for owners to ensure that the operations in their clubs or brothels are in compliance with the law.

These legal law frames are good to know when visiting Amsterdam. Every tourist can help and maintain the legal and secured prostitution by refusing illegal service. If you notice traces of human trafficking, exploitation or underage prostitution report it to authorities. There is also the option of booking the service on-line and if you do that always make sure that the website has the license number on it to legally operate in the Netherlands.