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The Amsterdam Dungeon - The Red Light District Amsterdam Guide - discover the secrets!
This is the book you should read before you visit the Red Light District!

The Amsterdam Dungeon

Date: 7. jul 2018.

The Amsterdam Dungeon is a very popular tourist attraction that is located in the old heart of the city. It was built in 2006 inside of the historical church that is still owned by the Dutch Reformed Church and leased by Merlin Entertainments, the UK-based firm which owns and operates the Amsterdam Dungeon. At the Amsterdam Dungeon 500 years of dark history is brought to life in eleven shows with seven actors in one breathtaking experience that lasts approximately 80 minutes. It is a thrilling experience that should not be by-passed during your Amsterdam tour.

Ironically, the church was built on the spot where famous Eucharistic Miracle, recognized by Vatican, took place in 1345. The neo-gothic elements of the church architecture are still visible in some scenes of the show. The original chapel built on the place of the miracle that was dating from 14th century stood until 1908 when the protestant owners removed it to build a much bigger church in 1912. There were several archeological discoveries during the Dungeon adaptation and it is no secret that the graves of about 200 people buried in the chapel centuries ago remained under the church‘s ground.

The Dungeon’s professional actors are the main attraction. They are kind torturers and their work is marked with enthusiasm and black humor. Visiting the Dungeon with a group of friends should be a lot of fun.

The torture chamber is the most graphically implied exhibit in the entire Dungeon. The “prisoners” are lined up against the wall and the young male visitor is picked for demonstration by the female torturers. He is strapped into a chair surrounded by torture devices , such as the dreaded appendage cutter, the torturer places the appendage cutter near the male’s groin and demonstrates the device “inch by inch”.

Then there is a presentation of an 18th century dockside bar, this attraction is called the VOC. It teaches about press-ganging of locals to join the nautical trading firm the Dutch East India Company (VOC). After that they are ambushed and forced on board a replica ship where they are forced to work for the captain Piet Heyn and fight the Spanish.

Council of Blood is a short film that you will be able to see that features the terror that the Spanish inquisition brought to Netherlands in the 16th century. An inquisition court is then held similar to the Judgment of Sinners show in the UK, with more of the black humor involved.

You can also witness the vivid recreation of the streets of the plague ravaged Amsterdam and the devastating effect this killer disease had in the city in 1664. This attraction is called “The Great Plague”

Mentioned above is just one part of the “dark theatre” and exciting adventures in the Dungeon of Amsterdam that you can experience during your visit. There is actually one of the attractions that was closed in 2014 and will not reopen. It was called “The Reaper: Drop Ride to Doom” and it was MACK Rides e-Motion roller coaster that winds around a real 13th century church. It was themed after the Grim Reaper legend and it use to be the finale to the Dungeon experience.