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The Amsterdam prostitutes - The Red Light District Amsterdam Guide - discover the secrets!
This is the book you should read before you visit the Red Light District!

The Amsterdam prostitutes

Date: 7. jul 2018.

The Red Light District in Amsterdam known as De Wallen is the one of the important landmarks that you can visit during your Amsterdam tour. Perhaps what few really notice is that the Rossebuurt (Dutch for ‘pink’ or ‘red’ neighborhood) is in fact one of the oldest and most beautiful parts of the city with its long winding narrow, cobbled streets and utterly charming 14th century architecture. The Amsterdam Red Light District simply oozes charm and one cannot help but admire the old buildings that lean at odd angles, and the tree-enshrouded canals.

The Damrak run along the original course of the river Amstel. These two roads meet in Dam Square which marks the spot a bridge was built across the river in 1270. It had doors which were used to dam the river at certain times to avoid flooding. The Damrak then became a harbor and it was around this area that the red light district first appeared. The walled canals led to the names De Wallen and Walletjes (little walls).

Historically because of proximity to the harbor, the area had attracted both prostitution and migrant populations and these are the features it is best known for today.

The prostitution is legalized in this part of the town and it works pretty much like any other business. But this fact alone attracts tourists from all over the world. The girls are standing behind the red-lit windows, usually dressed in provocative underwear and attacking the attention of the passers-by. If you notice a girl that you like you should knock on her window, she will open and after the short negotiations the curtain will close behind you.

You should also know that if you see a blue light in the window that indicates that the person in the window is not technically a woman, at least it was not born a woman. They are usually transvestites, and transgendered and many other options possible in this respect.

There are about 1000 prostitutes working in Amsterdam every day, about 400 of them are working in the windows of the Red Light District, with the big majority of them located at the Wallen. The others are working from home or as the escort service as well as in clubs or brothels. Most of the girls that are working in the Red Light District come from Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary followed by girls from Asia, South America, Africa and also a few Dutch girls.

Red Light District of Amsterdam is considered a safe part of town; it is much more laid –back than the similar districts elsewhere. The prostitute is used to seeing a lot of tourists and the area is always crowded with people. Prostitution has a long tradition of tolerance in Amsterdam because of the safety that is offered for the girls employed in the Red Light District. Sex-workers have police protection around the clock to prevent the sex trafficking and forced prostitution which is a different reality that sometimes lurks behind the exciting “anything goes” image. They also have their information center for tourists and visitors and their own union.

The vast majority of the girls in the red light district have no need for a “pimp”, because of the police protection. Windows were they appear the so- called the working rooms are only for work, girls do not sleep or live there like many of the tourists think.

The cost of their “service” depends on what you want and on your negotiating skills. The starting price is usually 50 Euro and the girl decides what she will offer for that price. Some girls would offer just oral sex, others would include an intercourse for the same price, but that’s different for each prostitute.

To ensure the safety of the prostitutes and visitors of the Red Light District it is forbidden to take photos and this rule is strictly enforced. There are stories that the prostitutes will verbally abuse you if they notice the camera or they might even throw it in the canal.

In order to work prostitutes must be at least 18 year old. It is considered a serious crime if a younger girl is detected by the police. Client should be at least 16, but no one is really paying attention to this particular rule.