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The Heineken experience in Amsterdam - The Red Light District Amsterdam Guide - discover the secrets!
This is the book you should read before you visit the Red Light District!

The Heineken experience in Amsterdam

Date: 7. jul 2018.

The Heineken brewery is a multinational company that was established in Amsterdam in 1864, and is one of the three largest beer producers in the world. No matter if you are a fan of beer or not you will certainly enjoy visiting this major tourist attraction on your Amsterdam tour. You will be able to find out more about the history of this large brewery, about the brewing process, play some interactive games and even bottle your own personalized Heineken beer.

The Heineken experience is located at one of the most impressive industrial heritage sites, in the original Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam. It is a national monument and is listed as an anchor point along the European Route of Industrial Heritage. The building itself is almost two centuries old, where the main part dates from 1867 which is the original building and other part dating from the 1930 which is was a working brewery until 1988. It was closed down because it was spreading the smell from the beer production all over the popular Pijp district.

You can’t miss the old Heineken Brewery if you are travelling from the center of the city towards De Pijp. It is the enormous red brick building on Stadhouderskade that has been fully renovated and now it operates as a tourist attraction and meeting center. The brewery was open to the public in 1991 as a visitor center opened for brewery tours and it was known as the “Heineken Treat and Information Centre”. For a small admission charge, you had the opportunity to learn about the famous pilsner and drink as much as you wanted. The attraction grew to become one of Amsterdam’s most popular tourist attractions and by 2001 the visitor center changed its name to “Heineken Experience” when the price of tickets went higher, and the reason is explained on their website “We are not the Heineken Museum, we’re the Heineken Experience”. In renovating the visitor experience, the brewery tour was designed to educate the public on the process of pilsner brewing as well as to connect people with beer-making, to help people see it, touch it and taste it.

An interesting experience is to go on the Bottle Ride where you will be seated onto a moving platform and follow the production route of a bottle of beer. There is also the newly constructed Stable Walk featuring the working stables and iconic Heineken shire horses.

The old brewery had kept the authentic interior design and impressive brass beer tanks. You will be able to hear all about the brewery’s history and see many old photographs and state decorations received by the Heineken family. You can also see the famous gold medal from the exhibition in Paris in 1889 which is actually reproduced on each can of Heineken.

The amusement part looks like it was made by people who had too much beer themselves. Besides the screening of very old beer commercials, there are some funny 3D movies, where an actor swims in the pool of beer and spectators are asked to feel like the beer bottles.

Heineken Experience is the place where you can meet the beer (as their slogan says) and taste the beer with other Heineken fans from all over the world.