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Things to avoid in Amsterdam - The Red Light District Amsterdam Guide - discover the secrets!
This is the book you should read before you visit the Red Light District!

Things to avoid in Amsterdam

Date: 7. jul 2018.

The large number of tourists visits the Amsterdam every year for many reasons. There are many historical sites you can visit during your Amsterdam tour, large number of beautiful canals which are the reason the Amsterdam is called “The Venice of the North”, many significant museums but what attracts tourists the most (especially younger crowd) is the tolerance policy on soft drugs and legalized prostitution. But the picture of a hedonistic free-for-all approach is not completely accurate and there are rules to be followed when experiencing this free-thinking city.

The Dutch are the people of rules and laws. It is also true that they do have an interesting approach to certain issues where the legal norms and actual practice are a little different, and in some cases they chose to look the other way. Anyhow, you should learn about the soft drugs policy and the terms of legal prostitution before you visit Amsterdam. It is the best way to be informed on what is legal and what can possibly get you in trouble and ruin your vacation.

In any situation please use your sober judgment, but here we would like to share with you a couple of things that is good to know when visiting Amsterdam.

First of all try not to go with a car to the center of Amsterdam. This is a good tip to consider because the parking is difficult and expensive with parking regulations that are strictly enforced. The clampers are working 24hours and it looks like they are paying a special attention to the foreign cars. If it happens that your car gets clamped you will find the yellow sticker at the window that will contain instructions regarding the payment of fine in the amount of 67 EURO in order to remove the clamp. If you don’t pay the fine within 24 hours, your car will be towed away and the expense increases.

Strippenkart (a strip of tickets) is also a must if you are planning to ride in a tram. You need to self-stamp the ticket when on board. You can purchase the tickets from the newsagent, train stations, post offices and other outlets in advance. If you choose to buy a single ticket on board from the driver or conductor it will cost a bit more. If you get caught without a ticket you will have to pay 60 EURO on the spot.

You should avoid walking in the bicycle lanes which are clearly marked with a bicycle symbol on the way. These are express-roads through the Amsterdam city where bikes rule and there is some mad driving involved. So if you hear a bike bell, move quickly out of the way.

Don’t smoke in trains and train stations. You can smoke in a designated area in so-called smoking pillars. If you are smoking out of the designated area the fine is 25 EURO and if you throw a cigarette bud on the platform it will cost you 40 EURO.

If you have to, use cannabis only in Coffee shops, it is the only place where it’s legal to smoke marijuana and hash, but the smoking of cigarettes is prohibited. Also important, never try to take any weed with you when leaving Netherlands.

To respect the privacy of visitors and workers of the Red Light District never take pictures of the occupied window. This rule is strictly enforced.

Also very important tip is not to talk to individuals on the streets that are trying to sell you drugs or bikes, it is illegal and you might end up with a stolen bike and the drugs that don’t work. If you get caught with the stolen bike, the penalty is huge and police patrols all well-known hot-spots.