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Yab Yum (brothel) Museum - The Red Light District Amsterdam Guide - discover the secrets!
This is the book you should read before you visit the Red Light District!

Yab Yum (brothel) Museum

Date: 7. jul 2018.

Amsterdam is the city famous for its tolerance towards the prostitution that was officially legalized in 2000. During your Amsterdam tour, you should know that there are three Red Light Districts in Amsterdam. The biggest one is next to the Central station, the second one is located south of Amsterdam ( Ruysdaelkade) and the third one is in the city center (Singel Street). Most people are visiting the biggest Red Light District next to the central station, while the locals prefer the other two.

The Yab Yum Museum (a former brothel) is located on the Singel Street in a 17th-century canal house, just 10 minutes away from the Amsterdam’s Dam Square. Not many people know about this museum because it’s a bit hidden and it’s relatively new.

When it was operating, this brothel was repeatedly mentioned in connection with corruption affairs. In January 2008, the city of Amsterdam closed the brothel by revoking its license, alleging that it was being used for criminal activity. It was closed for a couple of years and then reopened as a museum for the public in 2013.

it was once a famous and exclusive brothel in Amsterdam, founded in 1978, exclusively for the wealthy people. The customers were spending thousands of Euros to be entertained by the ladies. The working girls were getting an hourly rate, but they had also received some very nice commissions for the Champaign sale. Yab Yum was a very luxurious brothel in the heart of the city.

If you decide to pay it a visit, this place, as far as Brothels go, is as good as it could get. It has a very luxurious décor with no expense spared. It is obvious that you clearly needed to have deep pockets if you were planning on being a client. The place has very “Elite” feel to it. It is placed in the “innocent” looking town house, and only defying feature is a big green lantern outside. On the inside it spreads over a several floors. Hopefully the stairs won’t be a problem, because you will miss out on a great experience.

There are two “Guest” rooms on each floor and they are very lavishly decorated and each one of them is equipped with a video presentation loops in Dutch and English language. They tell the story about the Yab Yum’s history and its recent demise. It is certainly not the kind of place you will get a chance to visit in every town you see.

If there is no one around when you arrive, knock and be patient. The lady will appear in the window below the stairs and let you in. She will be happy to chat with you about Yab Yum and answer all your questions.

The tour lasts from 20-40 minutes which includes the reception desk, the corridors through the complex, the bar where guests met the girls, all the rooms with the original beds and spas, the Caviar club, the Champaign closets, changing room for girls and many more.

The name Yab-Yum is Tibetan for “father-mother” and describes a symbol in Buddhist and Hinduist art showing a male and female God in sexual union.

If you get a chance go and visit this place while you can. They may resolve their “License issues” and reopen one day, which could make your next visit far more expensive.